Wild Elden Ring Fan theory suggests that the game is a precursor to FromSoftware’s other titles

One fan of Elden Ring shares a wild theory that the game is a precursor to FromSoftware’s other titles, which could be a very dark development.

Rani raises her hands to the moon and stars at the end of the age of stars for Elden Ring.

elden ring It once again uses the well-known epic dark fantasy from FromSoftware’s massive catalog. However, we haven’t lost all yet. This makes the setting eerie in the sea of ​​FromSoftware’s other dark fantasy titles, most of which take place in worlds that have reached a point of no return. One elden ring The player has come up with a wild theory claiming that this game is a precursor to other FromSoftware titles.

Although the world of Lovecraftian blood borne Are the most visible worlds at the end of the world Evil spirits And demon souls They are also on the verge of complete collapse. This ending comes in many forms and often involves a transformation into a state that no human being can recognize. If all of these games chronicle the alternate future decades of The Lands Between, then according to the theory, this could be the darkest development in FromSoftware’s history.

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Fan theory: The Elden Ring is a precursor to dark spirits, demon spirits, and bloodborne

Redditor theodis09 recently posted a theory on how elden ring can be an introduction to Evil spiritsAnd demon soulsAnd blood borne. According to this theory, three of elden ringThe six endings lead directly to the infernal fantasy worlds featured in these games. The flowchart shows how each timeline runs: After events elden ringThe lands between three separate calamities are exposed. This is the frenzied flame, the age of stars and predestined death.

It is clear that both the tracks Age of Stars and The Frenzied Flame are inspired by the endings of Age of Stars and Lord of the Frenzied Flame. Meanwhile, predestined death appears to mark the end of the Duskborn era. these elden ring All endings envision a different future for The Lands Between, and those futures seem to have more than little in common with the nightmarish realms of FromSoftware’s previous games.

demon souls It takes place in a kingdom afflicted by the colorless fog that isolated it from the world and unleashed a plague of demons, and characterizes the end of the Duskborn Era lands between immersed in mist. The Evil spirits The famous trilogy takes place in a fictional world where the first flame is the only thing that preserves the world known to mankind, and the end of The Lord of Frenzied Flame seems to show the birth of the age of fire. finally, blood borne A twisted world is characterized by the presence of evil entities, including one that inhabits the moon. The end of the age of the stars makes Rani rise to the moon and leave the lands in between without a ruler or a god. While these links could simply be nods to earlier work, the theory might be worth considering.

elden ring Available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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