Wood and Leather Wrist Rest Review: A comfortable and stylish addition to your desk

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The Grovemade wrist rest has been updated to be fully compatible with Apple’s latest Magic Keyboard with Touch ID. Available in multiple wood finishes, they will easily classify your office setting.

If you haven’t seen any Grovemade gear before, the company focuses on natural materials and vintage craftsmanship. Mayo products are manufactured or handcrafted rather than mass-produced overseas.

Many of its products focus on Apple users, with a dedicated suite created to pair them with Apple equipment. There is a stand for MagSafe, docks for the iPhone, and drawers for the Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad.

We’re looking for a wood and leather wrist rest, which comes with Apple’s Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad and Touch ID. Apple just released these keyboards in August of 2021.

eye for details

These products look similar to Apple. It has been intricately designed with every detail checked.

Grovemade’s Wrist Rest is crafted from American black walnut or oriental hardwood maple. They both look great, but we’re part of the darker walnut tone. Plus, they match the coasters and walnut utensils we already have on our desk.

The wood is cut to the desired size before it is hand sanded to a smooth finish. Inlaid with wood is a panel of luxurious plant-tanned leather.

The leather, available in black or brown depending on your choice of wood, provides a smooth, elevated surface for your wrists.

The wrist rest is a little more tender, making it more comfortable than resting your wrists directly on your desk. Since it’s slightly elevated, it also reduces the pressure on your wrists while typing.

Underneath the wood is an aluminum layer that adds some rigidity to the piece. It is slightly visible from the outside, contrasting with the matte color of the wood.

Finishing everything is a natural cork base. This prevents the rest from sliding around your desk but is more natural than a molded rubber or silicone pad.

use it

We’ve been using the Grovemade wrist rest for weeks with our Mac Studio. We paired it with the new black and silver version of Apple’s latest desktop accessory.

The Apple keyboard is quite flat, and after several hours of typing, there are times when we feel tired on our wrist. We haven’t tested this with the Grovemade supplement.

We’ve tried many gel- and squishy-filled wrist rests in the past, but they get dirty, don’t look great, and degrade over time. Grovemade wrist comfort improves with age.

The skin begins to form an outer layer in the areas it comes in contact with, creating a pattern unique to you. The skin will never peel off, and it will last for many years without a problem.

As is often the case, you can find a more affordable product than this one, but it won’t match the dimensions of an Apple keyboard, nor will it have the quality to last a lifetime.

One downside to this is that it can get in your way if you’re eating at your desk. We know that eating near the keyboard is a fundamental sin. But there are still times when we’re in a hurry or grab a quick snack at our office, and we have to.

Instead, we’ll have to move our wrist aside to get some space. Same goes for opening packages and looking at review products in that space in front of our keyboard.

This is probably a worthwhile trade-off, though. Putting on something that can relieve wrist strain versus making room for snacks seems like a wise choice.

Should you buy a Grovemade wrist rest?

The wrist rest is a popular accessory to add to one’s desk, and Grovemade happens to make the most beautiful we’ve ever tested.

We always value handmade accessories and support US based brands. But this comes at a price – literally.

For Magic Keyboard Numeric Keypad Edition it will set you back $100. If you want a smaller device for the Magic Trackpad, this will only run you $50.

If you want a product as polished as the Apple hardware, Grovemade has you covered. If you’d rather save some money with a cheaper option, we won’t judge you for a moment.

  • high quality materials
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Comfortable and convenient to use
  • Light and dark color options
  • Designed specifically for Apple peripherals
  • An expensive addition to your office setup

Rating: 4 out of 5

Where do I buy?

You can get the Grovemade wrist rest for the Magic Trackpad, Magic Keyboard, or Magic Keyboard from Apple with a numeric keypad starting at $50.