Xbox Indie Spotlight: Harvest Days

Harvest Days catches your eye first with its bright and colorful art style – it promises a mix of farming sim and life sim, as you work to restore your farm and live peacefully alongside nature in the quiet countryside of Doda Village. We reached out to the Harvest Days team for more information on Harvest Days, Family Devs CEO Pau de la Cruz and Toplitz Productions PR and Manuel Wilding, Director of Marketing were kind enough to answer our questions.

What are the days of harvest?

Harvest Days is an open world game that blends farming simulation and lifestyle elements as you work on your farm in the tranquility of a rural community. It is in development by Family Devs and published by Toplitz Productions.

When do harvest days begin?

Harvest Days launches in Steam Early Access on May 12, with the full version 1.0 releasing for consoles in the fourth quarter of 2022.

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What is it about?

See Harvest Days go from the chaos of city life to the peace and quiet of country life. “Harvest Days is a classic farming game at first glance, but of course there’s a lot more to discover and do than just work on the farm,” explains De La Cruz and Wilding. “When you get to know the story of the village, you will discover that events in the past have caused people to turn away from it. So the mayor took action and offered an abandoned vacant lot in exchange for the resettlement of Doda village. After creating a profitable farm, you can buy plots of land and build houses on it so that more people can From moving to this beautiful place and rewarding you with rent regularly.”

How does Harvest Days play?

You have a lot to do on Harvest Days – planting, harvesting, trading, taking care of your animals, gathering resources, and building, but Harvest Days also encourages you to take things easy in your new farming life, alternating between farm work, exploration, hunting and chatting with your neighbors. “Apart from farming and exploring the beautiful village with its different biomes, you can pursue your hobby of fishing, taking care of your pets, taking a walk with them, talking to all the different residents, spending time in Kiko´s Bar, uncovering mysteries behind a locked gate, or… By visiting the Hall of the Great Founder of Duda´s Village,” explained De La Cruz and Wilding. “The first thing you do in the morning should be watering your crops, tending your fields, and harvesting what is ready. After that you can gather some resources like wood, stone, berries or other things you need. You can help some other villagers or expand your farm by making An animal barn, for example. To end your tough day, travel to the pier and enjoy the sunset while some relaxing while fishing before you go to bed.”

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So, what is the Harvest Days team that most players look forward to experiencing when Harvest Days launches? “I’m mostly excited to hear how people are approaching their new life and what part they are initially focusing on; if they start upgrading their farm, exploring the area, or immediately start making friends by helping others,” we were told.

How does the world look?

“The village of Douda is a relatively small town, but the area around it is full of places worth discovering,” says de la Cruz and Wilding. “For example, a beautiful beach, a great waterfall at the foot of the mountain, a dark mine with precious gems, a swamp hidden in thick mist, and of course other farms for some other villagers.”

Harvest Days has an eye-catching bright and colorful art style. De La Cruz and Wilding “Harvest Days has been influenced by popular titles like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing, which are known for their streamlined and fun look.” “These were also the standards for harvest days, but also to stand out from the other counterparts. So a low poly is well suited to the setting, with the same simplicity but still a colorful look.”

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Any news about the achievements of “Days of Harvest”?

We haven’t hit the Harvest Days achievements yet, but de la Cruz and Wilding gave us some hints of what to expect. “Without spoiling too much about the different achievements players are rewarded with, there will be achievements for different aspects of the game – classic achievements like how many trees you cut, or digging for stones, fish caught but also more player-specific achievements; how often do you sleep early or How many times have you exhausted yourself.” We’ll be sure to let you know when we hit the mark!

What do you think? Will you check out Harvest Days when it launches later this year? Let us know in the comments!